socialdetoxAshley and Lauren take on the impossible and give up social media for a week! As a result, Ashley turns to TMZ while Lauren plays words with friends…Hear the benefits, the downfalls, and everything in between. Plus, Must-Tries of the week!  Listen to this: Social Media Detox Ashley’s obsessed with Pillowtok. Here’s the episode they did on Facebook Envy! Here’ the selfie post Ashley & Lauren reference in this show. This challenge was torturous because both Lauren and I are addicted to Social Media. At the beginning of the challenge Lauren was worried about deleting her Facebook app:


Because I couldn’t post on Facebook, I was bored. So I started sending Lauren my “posts”. I said:

“Green juice tastes better when your assistant gets it for you.

Would have tweeted that but….”

photo 2

So then I sent Lauren this text:


At the end of the challenge Lauren and I were thrilled to go back to our Facebooking


Lauren really missed posts like this:


And I really missed posts about my beautiful baby cousin Rae

photo 4

But after we “broke” the challenge we both realized that we didn’t miss THAT much. Listen to the episode for more!

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Lauren's pick- Geoguessr App!

Lauren’s pick- Geoguessr App!

Ashley's Pick

Ashley’s Pick