Romanticizer and Geek-in-Residence

by Lauren

Yes, THAT Halo.  The beloved Bey ballad.

halo bey

You think you could never hear a more divine version her Beygesty’s original…but I’m telling you…Nordic singer/songwriter Ane Brun and singer/songwriter/ cellist Linnea Olsson will blow you away.

Listen here.  Now.

Plucked strings, mellow vocals, haunting harmonies…this lilting cover will give you a whole new love of this song.


Here’s a fun snippet from Brun’s website on how the tune came about:

“When I toured in 2009 with The Diamonds (me and three female voices) promoting the Sketches album, we made it a tradition to play ‘Halo’ on the mini stereo backstage while putting on our make up, warming up as we tried to sing along with Beyoncé on this beautiful melody. One day I decided to try and make my own version, mainly as an experiment and for fun, but thanks to Linnea Olsson it became this beautiful mellow interpretation.