dreamsstopAs Lauren prepares for the arrival of her baby girl, Maayan is left stranded in Pillowtok land. Her wise stepfather comes to the rescue and shares over 5o years of insight into the meaning of dreams. As recent president of the Carl Jung Foundation in NYC, David Rottman shares just how important it is for our personal development and SOUL to keep track of our dreams and learn, over time, to interpret them. They know more than we realize about ourselves…

Listen to this : Stop Ignoring Your Dreams

Health benefits

According to Carl Jung…and many others like Web MD, dreams are a way of getting to know your unconscious. Apparently, if you take some time to explore them, you can benefit in a myrriad of ways such as:

  • Process emotions
  • Consolidate memories
  • Alleviate depression, anxiety
  • Help us find meaning in life
  • Manage stress
  • Connect to your freaking SOUL.

Um, sign us up please.

What we usually misconceive about dreams

We loved the list at Dreamdoze.com. Here are a few:

  • Dreams don’t mean a thing
  • If you dream of a cake, it’s because you had cake yesterday
  • It can have no impact on waking life

David’s tips on getting the most out of your dreams:

  • Start with INTENTION – get a cute notebook and say to yourself before you go to bed that you absolutely WILL remember your dream. This has worked for absolutely everyone he knows. Yes!!
  • Patience – remembering will come…journey…thousand steps…you get it
  • Understand that, just like getting to know yourself, it’s a life-long journey!



David has a #RANT:  He’s sick and tired of fruit not being picked when it’s actually ripe…and that it ripens on its sweet, long way  to NYC. He feels this disconnects us in a fundamental way from the produce and that it makes us ultimately not care. Such a valid point! His quote to support this? From Mensius: “What is patriotism but a sense of loyalty to the good things we ate in childhood?”

Maayan is #RAVING: About freaking pear-infused vodka. God help us all it’s so damn good.