High-Waisted Pant Believer and Occasional Sharer

by Maayannailtip

Have stubby fingers? I’m quite tall, 5 ft and 10 inches and yet my hands are on the short side. They look rather tiny and out of proportion sometimes. Thank goodness this is not a terrible concern. That said, a very easy solution is to avoid dark nail polish that makes the fingers look even shorter.

On the contrary, opt for a color that’s closer to your skin tone but still pretty (not a fan of beige polish). This one is pinkish/purple and from Essie (which I highly prefer over Opie – though friends swear the opposite). It’s called  DEMURE VIX and if you’re tan like me, it looks GORGEOUS.

What skin tone are you? What colors have you found work best to make your fingers look long and elegant (if that’s what you’re looking for)?