Romanticizer and Geek-in-Residence

by Lauren ngm-1985-jun-714

 Christmas time always brings an increasing sense of anxiety for me, as I take gift-giving pretty seriously.  I like to give multiple, thoughtful, tasteful gifts…yet some how not break the bank.  It’s tough.

One of my favorite standby gifting ideas are magazine subscriptions. Nowadays, most people don’t bother to sign up for an actual paper, snail-mailed magazine, yet they are such a refreshing change from the usual mailbox fare of bills and junk mail…and seriously beat staring at a glowing screen.

Plus, they’re the gift that keeps on giving!  Is there anything nicer that getting something fun in the mail multiple times a year?  And honestly, they’re fairly affordable (some subscriptions are a little insane…The Week is a great publication but I’m sorry, $100 per yearly subscription too rich for my blood).  So deck the halls with those subscriptions…your loved ones will thank you for it.