superstitionMerriam-Webster says superstition is a belief or practice resulting from ignorance, fear of the unknown, trust in magic or chance, or a false conception of causation.  Do you suffer from it?  Many folks would say no, but let’s remember, one gal’s superstition is another one’s spirituality. In this episode, we explore how we all seem to pick and choose what ‘magic’ we decide is fact versus fiction.  Also, Maayan gets her movie references hopelessly confused and Lauren wants to know more about Maayan’s Shamanic roots…

Listen to this : Superstitious?

Roughly HALF of Americans are superstitious.  This is weirdly surprising to us–but when you think of the number of people who actually make sure to knock on wood during a conversation…that number starts to make sense.

However, a CBS poll reports that 16 percent of people won’t open umbrellas indoors; 13 percent carry a good luck charm; and one in ten (10 percent) avoids black cats.  Okaaaay then…that’s a little more hard to relate to…

Seriously?  You're scared of little old MOI?

Seriously? You’re scared of little old MOI?

But listen–while we may roll our eyes at someone avoiding a black cat, this behavior may actually IMBUE (a great word used with regal flair by Maayan this episode) them with confidence and, in turn, competence. A study written up in Psychology Today found that people who were told they had a ‘lucky ball’ did better in a golf putting contest than the control group.  And people who were allowed to bring a lucky charm from their house when taking a test did better than those who weren’t allowed to bring any such thing.  So maybe these superstitious people are on to something…objects have power if you believe they do–just like Dumbo and the good ol’ placebo effect.


Hey, it's better than a dead rabbit's foot...

Hey, it’s better than a dead rabbit’s foot…

As for us?  Lauren admits she sporadically prays to God, but only in times of distress…which she thinks is sort of superstitious.  After all, without any established or strong belief in God, is she really thinking these needy requests are really going to be listened to?


Hey Lord...I know I only talk to you when I need something...but...uh...hey...could you help me out?

Hey Lord…I know I only talk to you when I need something…but…uh…hey…could you help me out?

Maayan stays pretty skeptical around afterlife and stuff like that, but places a good deal of belief in astrology…something Lauren thinks is fascinating, yet struggles to buy into whole-heartedly.  We’ll be discussing astrology in depth in another podcast, so stay tuned…


And…possibly the BEST part of the podcast–Maayan’s dabbling in MAGIC. In the most literal sense of the word.  Although she pretty much wants to murder Lauren for bringing it up, she does reveal that she has actually CAST a SPELL (or rather, paid an online company (of witches?  or something?) to cast a spell for her) when she was at her wits end with a certain ex who will go unnamed. Did it work?  Listen to the podcast to find out 😉




Lauren has a #RANT:  Her pregnant belly.  It’s seriously in the way of things now.  And by things, she means a clear view of the situation down South.  There is no way to keep things nicely landscaped, let’s just leave it at that.

Maayan is #RANTING about people who take your kind intentions and throw them in your face as if they were insults.