High-Waisted Pant Believer and Occasional Sharer

kettleby Maayan

I’ve used and been a fan of electric tea kettles for-ever. I could operate mine with my eyes fully closed. But then I got conscious. I have a gas stove for crying out loud (which I do believe is included in the rent). And it started to pain me to be boiling water and then changing my mind about using it a few thousand times a day. Plus when the electric water kettle was being used the electrometer (is that the word, don’t know, don’t care) was going nuts.

So I moseyed my way to Etsy and this is what happened in my search for a CUTE tea kettle:

  1. Beware – some of these vintage kettles are used for purely decorative purposes only.
  2. Apparently there are DOLL SIZED kettles (pff)…so…I mean, need I say more….

I came upon this tea kettle at the Etsy shop ArtByThePond – I mean how cute is that. It was $23 including shipping. One of the most delicious ways I’ve ever spent $23.00.

Here’s my favorite part:

It doesn’t freaking WHISTLE. Why would I ever want to feel the URGENCY of running to a boiling pot of water? I wouldn’t, thank you very much.

And here’s what I’m tempted to do:

Wear it as a purse! Ok Maayan has lost it.