Romanticizer and Geek-in-Residence

by Lauren

I know this rant is going to make me highly unpopular.  But listen, I gotta vent. Teachers friends, when posting on social media, can you do me a favor? Can you hold off from reminding all us poor non-teacher drones about your impending weeks- or months-long break that “can’t come soon enough!!” ??


I get that you work hard and experience stresses and pressures that I likely cannot grasp.  I get that you’re underpaid and often underappreciated.  But one could say the same for nurses, home health aids, social workers…the list goes on. And many don’t have a big stretch of days off to look forward to.

That sweet chunk of  (often) paid time off is a pretty  awesome  plus of the job. One that many of us don’t have. And it pains the rest of  us poor worker bees to see our FB newsfeeds fill up with instagram photos proclaiming that ‘You’ve definitely earned this winter break‘.  If I was a Wall Street day trader, I’d hope to have the tact to not post pictures of my giant stack of cash with a caption saying ‘Totally going to enjoy this $60K Bonus I got this Christmas!!’  (Side note–I’m SURE there are some super douchey Wall Street dudes who do this.  But my hope is they are in the minority/only exist in Martin Scorsese movies).


So just remember, we ALL get super stressed at work. We ALL get burnt out and need a break.  We all have sacrifices we make…and hopefully, there are perks that make it worth it. If you’ve got tact, you don’t openly bray about your perks on social media, but quietly treasure them, or talk about them with your real friends, who, you know, actually like to hear about the good stuff in your life, as opposed to your FB people, who really don’t.

Finally,  if I’m totally off-base here, do enlighten me.  I’m happy to listen to the counter-argument that all that time off isn’t actually that great.  I’d love to hear the reasoning.

This post was brought to you by Facebook Envy, the little emotional mind-fuck machine that never quits.

P.S. To my teacher friends who are totally tactful and and lovely–this is not directed at YOU guys.  It’s directed at those OTHER teacher friends.