Romanticizer and Geek-in-Residence

by Lauren

Society is obsessed with NEW.  I know I am too.  I know it’s probably part of our biological wiring.  I know it’s not about to change. But still… I think I need to point this out.

We’re obsessed with the newest ‘superfood’.  Once, it was acai berries. Now it’s kale. Next?  Who knows. But you can bet you won’t give a shit about those acai-kale smoothies anymore.

Banana Mango Kale Smoothie

We’re obsessed with the latest Hollywood ‘It’ girl or guy.  Remember Kate Hudson? She was in everything for a minute there.  Now, I’m not quite sure what’s she’s up to.  I sincerely hope she can find work.  But I bet it’s hard. She’s at that wizened, dried-up age of 35, after all. And if I were Jennifer Lawrence, I’d be getting reeeeal cagey about that Shailene Woodley chick…because you know that it’s only a matter of time before J-Law’s ‘favorite person ever’ crown gets plucked from her saucy head, and we all forget about her.



It happens with music.  Jake was playing some songs  that sounded like Bon Iver–yet when I asked if that was the artist, he told me no… it was Still Parade...a NEW band, with NEW lilting, guitar-plucking indie ballads…so much more interesting the same old, same old from boring Bon Iver. Who wants to listen to that when there is someone NEW to discover? Nevermind that the two sound essentially interchangeable.  Still Parade is where it’s AT now for hipsterlicious melancholic tunes.

Let’s just say this applies to NEW media of any kind.  It’s like you have a 6 month window to get your precious creation in front of people…and once it’s passed…it’ dead. People don’t get interviews, press, or reviews for something that’s been around for a year and a half. That would be ‘old news’. And we hate that.

Oh–also, want to sell your house?  If it’s been on the market too long, it will get ‘stale’.  Realtors will pull it off for awhile, then put it back on, all too aware of the fact that no one wants yesterday’s picked-over lunch.  But it’s still the same house, whether it’s freshly on the market, or has been there for ages.

It’s all about being FRESH. But WHY??  Why do we dislike things that are either familiar or have been sitting unnoticed for a spell?  Why do we assign more value to the new unknown? After all, the devil we know is always better than the devil we don’t.  And yet we keep on chasing after the new new new new newness with the hope it will have it all.  Spoiler alert:  It won’t.