valentinesdayMost women know that most men hate Valentine’s Day. If you don’t, then check in with your partner asap.  We still wonder WHY. It’s all about LOVE, after all – or is it? Maayan enlists her dear friend Steve, founder of Idea Faktory (ideakfaktory.com) to share his insight on how a harmless day can feel anything but that to most men. From godiva shops to society-mandated obligations, he makes a pretty strong case – maybe women can be a little more empathetic this year on 2/14. Plus, Maayan’s TIP on how to dress when bloated and Steve’s more-awesome TIP on a life-changing free service  that helps you never wait again when calling customer service. 

Listen to this : Why Men Hate Valentine’s Day


Things we discussed:

How Valentine’s Day origins are not at all romantic.

Holiday Depression

Check out Steve’s site, Ideafaktory.com for more of his awesome insight on business/tech.



Steve has a #TIP: Stop waiting for customer service reps on the phone. Use GetHuman. Genius!! Thank you!

Maayan has a less awesome #TIP: Layer when you feel bloated and still feel pretty.