We’re fun, goofy, stumbly, and not so polished. Somewhere between tripping and sliding we stumble upon moments of BRILLIANCE. We want nothing more than to share them with you and have you feel welcome to be exactly as you are.


Glimpse of Brilliance

MOTTO: Life’s nicer when you talk about it

We decided to create an outlet for our conversations on love, career choice, make up, feminism, and whatever took their fancy that week and turn them into podcasts. As a media niche dominated by men and male-oriented topics, we wanted to create a different kind of podcast–one that catered to women–but included everyone.  Our shows feature real friends having genuine conversations–the kind we’ve always valued above pretty much everything else.  The company has slowly expanded from this beginning–but the goal has always stayed the same: to be a conversation you want to eavesdrop on.


maayanMaayan – Brand Director and Host

High-Waisted Pant Believer and Occasional Sharer

Maayan co-founded Gossipist, now Glimpse of Brilliance, because she’s on a quest to see if the whole world can be friends. She cooks like a madwoman and can’t follow a recipe in full to save her life. She loves biking, yoga, meditation…but really just sitting down to watch an old series (currently pumped about The Americans) or read a good book (Baby Island anyone?) with perfect obsessive focus for weeks on end, to the point of ending her relations to humans, is also on the list. She believes in honesty, even when she doesn’t live by it. 

Recurring Guests

davidDavid Rottman

David Rottman is the most recent former President and Chairman of the Board of the C.G. Jung Foundation for Analytical Psychology in New York City, and is a member of the Foundation’s Continuing Education Faculty. He is the author of the recently published book The Career As A Path To The Soul–Stories and Thoughts About Finding Meaning in Work and Life (available on Amazon). He has lectured and taught courses on Jungian psychology for more than 20 years including the following topics: The Persona: Archetype of Successful Adaptation; The Role of Family History in the Career; The Career as an Expression of the (Higher) Self; Making Meaning at Work in a Time of Upheaval; The Archetype of Renewal in the Career; and Creativity in Careers. Mr. Rottman is an accomplished speaker and seminar leader whose workshops on counseling, human motivation, and innovation have been widely praised in the United States and Canada. He served on the charter Board of Directors of the Association of Career Professionals, an international organization that he was also instrumental in founding. He has supervised and trained many of the leading career counselors in the US. He is also active in major projects to reduce hunger and poverty in third world nations. He is a member of the Advisory Board of Palms for Life Fund—A Global Alliance to End Poverty; he is also a member of the Executive Board of the International Food Security Treaty.

steveSteve Faktor

Steve Faktor is a futurist, digital commerce expert, and author of Econovation (Wiley, Nov. 2011), a mesmerizing, provocative, and humorous tale about the future of the US economy and the innovations it will demand. Steve is the former head of Growth and Innovation and the Chairman’s Innovation Fund at American Express. As a senior innovation and strategy executive at Citi, MasterCard, and Arthur Andersen, Steve has created several $100-million-plus businesses, generated billions in sales volume, and deployed three enterprise-level innovation programs. Steve’s launches include Zync, LoyaltyEdge, Private Sales (joint venture with Vente Privee), Commerce Intelligence, and Spending Pulse.


Alison’s connection to Glimpse of Brilliance blossomed in the UWS garden courtyard that sits happily beneath Maayan’s terrace.   A theatre actor turned beauty industry insider, Alison earned her BFA from NYU’s Tisch School of the Arts and lived a nomadic tour life before entering the beauty biz, where she now makes the world smell like a better place as a leader at an indie fragrance brand.  Always inspired by connecting with others over a great story, Alison is super jazzed to contribute her unique brand of humor and insight to the Glimpse of Brilliance family. 


In the Brilliant Past…


Romanticizer and Geek-in-Residence

As a co-founder of Gossipist, now Glimpse of Brilliance, Lauren managed to turn her love of chatting and musing over life’s puzzles into a business. She finds Pinterest stressful, likes any song that she knows the lyrics to, and spends way too much time figuring out ways to justify plot holes in books and movies that she loves. Mean people are a mystery to her. She is both easy to offend and appease, and values a good slice of cake over almost any other known food source. Learn her passions.



As a contributing voice to Gossipist, now Glimpse of Brilliance, Yasmeen is thrilled to parlay her love of neurotic over analysis in to meaningful discussions with friends and tolerant strangers. She loves hiking, the Hudson Valley, Mark Bolan, cheese,and the bluest moment of dusk more than many things.




A stay at home mom by day, a classical singer by night, Rebecca started the blog Smug Mommy as something fun to do to release some of the built up tension.  She ended up accidentally practicing most of the principles found in the parenting philosophy called Attachment Parenting, but has often struggled with how seriously it takes itself.  Smug Mommy is a resource for parents who dabble in the Smug idea that this way of parenting is the bomb.  Rebecca thinks it is, but likes to roll her eyes about it.  Rebecca enjoys one hour a day after babe’s bedtime to drink wine, peruse Facebook for parenting drama, and on Monday she watches The Bachelor.




Theresa hails from central NY via Jersey and E. 108th St. NYC. She left the city and changed career paths after working on organic farms across Europe and cruising through 23 National Parks in the US to promote her belief in slowing shit down. Theresa holds a BA in Literature, Josephina (her 2yr-old daughter), the growing embryo in her belly, and her tall, dark husband, Rick (when she has a moment). She worked in music publishing for awhile and is currently marketing for a rather dope company in Ithaca. She strategically plans her food in portions so that there is just the right amount of bread with sauce, ice cream with peanut butter, grilled cheese with pickle, etc…She likes to use the ellipses…waits to talk, hovers over public toilet seats,* gives blood**, loves animals and any kind of music that is smoky…and Jack White.*She has recently given this up as her thighs can no longer hold a squat long enough to support her enormous child filled belly.

**She recently gave this up to, just cuz’ she doesn’t have time for that shit anymore.