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breakfastby Maayan

Take your time. That’s what I’m saying. So is WebMD. My mom and stepdad recently spent some time in Barcelona where they rented an adorable apartment. Part of their routine was having uber long meals, especially breakfasts, that lasted about 2 hours or more. They brought that back to NYC.

Here’s what they did:

  1. Had several cups of coffee, tea, juice, water…slowly
  2. Had a large assortment of food (ie, smorgasbord rears its head again) including cheese, fruits, eggs, fish, butter, jam, bread
  3. Picked away leisurely at what they wanted
  4. Had, like the Hobbit, a second breakfast which is a REAL THING and popular in Europe (of course).
  5. Created the space and time to engage in long, comfy philosophical discussions about Jungian things (my fantasy) as my stepdad is a big Jungian and quotes wise things like

“What we don’t face on the inside we meet on the outside as fate” shares 5 solid benefits to eating more slowly.


  1. You lose weight (hooray if that’s what you want…I’ll make this statement less fad-like and say you can KEEP WEIGHT STABLE too)
  2. You enjoy food more (um, yes)
  3. Better digestion (oh goodness, please, yes)
  4. Less stress (who can argue with this)
  5. Rebel against fast food and life (funny but oh so true)

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