We all want to be confident–but all too often, end up coming across as cocky.  How the heck do we achieve one and stave off the other?  It’s a tricky line to walk, but Maayan and Lauren delve so deeply into the meaning of them both, you’ll come away from this podcast knowing EXACTLY how to master them. You’ll also hear another one of Maayan’s delightful made-up sayings, (“cock-forward”, anyone??) and hear them puzzle over the paradox of confidence coming from withing (can one really, TRULY be confident with ZERO feedback from outside?) Come along on our winding chat.  We’re CONFIDENT that you’ll think it’s the best use of your time EVER (p.s., that was cockiness right there).

Listen to this: Calling Yourself Hot – Cocky or Confident?

Some links from the show:

The Fine Line Between Self-Confidence & Cockiness

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Maayan having a good hair day

Maayan having a good hair day