High-Waisted Pant Believer and Occasional Sharer

snipthoseplantsI went to my friend Deb’s house (she was an awesome guest on this Divorce episode). Every time I go I feel like I learn something. And they’re all incredibly useful things like:

  • lemon cooks kale
  • use an old wine bottle as a pretty olive oil holderIMG_2699
  • peanut butter cookies can be a super easy gluten free dessert (peanut butter + sugar)
  • lemon olive oil pasta is probably the easiest, most ridiculously tasty pasta
  • countless more

This time she taught me about plants. She has a ridiculously green thumb:FullSizeRender-1Everything blooms unfairly. Here’s her trick:

Have no mercy

When a leaf looks wilty, it won’t get better with some sudafed. It doesn’t need chicken soup. It needs to be snipped off in a nice, clean circumcision. Period. Don’t pity the plant – it’ll thank you for it.

Having any color but green thumbs, I have killed plants as forgiving as cacti. Trying out this new theory, things in my apartment are looking more chipper than I’ve ever seen them. I turned here for some basics on pruning.

How’s this tip working out for you? Would love to know!