High-Waisted Pant Believer and Occasional Sharer

halfwayI recently had a retarded text message exchange with a (dare I say) former friend. Sad. But so it goes, for now.

It goes like this:

  1. You’re both a little extra retarded and sensitive
  2. No one really fesses up to being that way
  3. Glorious Me extends my outstretched friendship arm to Said Friend and it gets rejected. Twice.

I can only imagine that he wants me to court him all the way back to childhood. Not happening. So this RANT is about meeting halfway, as we do in adult-land. Things were said, both sides weren’t awesome, let’s admit it, take the outstretched hand, and move on. Sulking in a corner and waiting for a silver platter of apologies is just so TIRING to me.

Ultimately, though, the lesson is this: if someone really wants this from you, I guess it’s not a friend to fight for? Can we say, let him/her go? I think we can. I think we must. Life is so filled with people who DO get your way of operating, that I guess those friends aren’t really worth keeping if it’s going to take a bunch of work from you to keep them as friends…when you truly believe that not much harm was done…and dare I say, in this case, I was being pretty GRACIOUS to begin with.

Yes, that’s right. When you think you’ve done what you can…I guess it’s time to see if the person will meet you halfway, n’est ce pas?