notravelbreakupA Timely Re-release: Holidays, get-aways, vacays….they all promise excitement and romance for you and your significant other. Or do they?  Many people view travel as the ‘make it or break it’ crucible for your relationship in its early days–and for later days, well–it can either bring you closer together or remind you again why you should never leave the city limits with this person.  But fear not, Lauren and Maayan have their handy guide to making the most out of your romantic getaway–or simply how to make it bearable.

Listen to This: How Not To Break Up When You Travel


In this episode, Lauren found some solid gems of input on travel and relationships–particularly this article from CNN, which discusses how travel tests your love life.  We weren’t totally sold on their thesis that a bad trip equals DOOMED relationship, but sure–it’s as good a test as any–just remember, MARRIED LIFE IS NOTHING LIKE YOUR WEEK BACKPACKING IN SPAIN.  There are a lot more trips to Lowe’s and a lot less passionate lovemaking by the open campfire. If your marriage is in fact like that please go away and don’t tell me anything about it.



These are the thrills you have to look forward to in married life.

Shut up, stock photo. You sell nothing but lies.










So how DO you keep from breaking up while you travel??

Here are Lauren’s handy, tested-and-proven tips:

1) Be okay with silence:  For those of us gals (or guys, too) who have a partner that is just a touch less loquacious, it’s important to be okay with a little golden silence. And most importantly, DO NOT read into it.  Seriously…nothing is worse than creating a road-trip fight out of nowhere because you’re paranoid that he’s “upset” but not saying so.

2) DO the unusual/magical thing: You paid for a ticket/gas to get to this place.  Now go get your memories made.  Are you going to remember the night you stayed in and fell asleep at 8pm, or the little hole-in-the-wall bar you sang karaoke at til the wee hours of the morning? I say this as a person that LIKES to be cozy and sleep a lot.  Make the memories.

3) Take turns doing what you both like to do:  We learned it in Kindergarten. Don’t forget this gem.  Have a good attitude while you do ‘his’ things, and he’ll (if he’s smart) pay you the same kindness when roles are reversed.

4) CAR GAMES: Oh hell yes.  Here are my go-to’s:

  •     The Quote Game (say a quote from a movie or TV show, other person has to guess what it’s from)
  •     Would You Rather (present your partner with two utterly undesirable options. Make them pick).
  •     Fuck, Marry, Kill (List off three people–celebs, mutual acquaintances, fictional characters–make them select who’d they’d wed, who’d they’d bed, and who’d they’d end.  Hmm, that’s a classier name for that game–good job ME for classing up this joint.)
  •     Remember the Memory (say one word or a short phrase that hints at a shared memory from your past. See if the other person knows what it’s from.  Great for sparking nostalgic conversations)

If these don’t appeal, here’s a link to more adult roadtrip games.


Maayan’s tips:

1) Have things to listen to – podcasts, audio books, that you can discuss:  Nourishes the relationship, provides new stimuli that allows the relationship to grow and build.  She and Duncan just listened to the audiobook of The Things They Carried.

2) Make sure you stay healthy:  The decadence of traveling and being away from home can make for some not-so-smart decisions.  A late night out with too much drink can lead to a miserable day…leading to potential crankiness and lack of harmony. We know NO ONE will pay attention to this tip.  Also directly contradicts Lauren’s carpe diem tip above. Whatever, it’s all about balance people, don’t expect us to hold your hands here.

3)  SNACKS in car.  No explanation needed.

4) Guys, DON’T give her a hard time about pee breaks. Period.  Berating someone for their bodily functions doesn’t make any relationship healthier.

5) Slow DOWN:  Maayan is a fan of taking the low-stress route when you’re traveling. After all, it’s called HOLIDAY for a reason.  Relax. Don’t cram so much in you end up stressing out and taking it out on each other.

For this week’s rant rave tip

Lauren is ravingly obsessed with ataulfo mangos.  Get one and eat it, now.


Ambrosia of the Gods.

Maayan is ranting.  She is allllll set with nanoscale-sized food portions at trendy restaurants. Please let the fad die a quick death. Thanks.

Maayan's tiny dish - Just stop it

Maayan’s tiny dish – Just stop it