I have a rave about Soli Sky’s one of a kind hand made jewelry. I discovered it when my sister Nadia gifted me a necklace because every time I would compliment her on a piece of jewelry she was wearing, she would say “Oh…Shlomit made it.”


Her good friend Shlomit is the skillful hand behind the line, and every piece is exquisite! She manages to turn out these super bold, statement pieces, which are edgy and modern, but still have elegance and understated refinement. I now have two of her pieces and I have never worn one ONCE without a compliment. I’m a huge proponent of using accessories to ward off wardrobe stagnation, I mean, you cant go buy ten new pieces of clothing every week, but if you have some standout pieces of jewelry like Soli Sky’s to throw on with your standards, it can really give you a whole new vibe. Find her on Instagram and ¬†Tumblr, and thank me later.

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