Come on.  We’ve ALL gone down that rabbit-hole of social media stalking. Whether it’s an ex-lover, ex-friend, new girlfriend of an ex, ex of an ex, an acquaintance with a life that looks ‘perfect’ life or a total train-wreck…everyone’s taken a voyeuristic stroll down that road. Is it ever okay to take that stroll, and how far is too far?  We reveal way too much about our ugly and insecure sides…enjoy!

Listen to this: The Slippery Slope of Social Media Stalking

Most of us associate social media stalking with ex-boyfriends and girlfriends. And indeed, it seems that the majority of truly obsessive social media spying happens in this scenario.  A piece in Psychology Today details the phenomenon, along with some kind of no-shit-Sherlock tips on how to avoid getting stuck in this unhealthy pattern, including the obvious ideas of eliminating digital artifacts (pictures, statuses, etc.) of you with your ex, blocking, hiding, unfollowing or defriending your ex (DUH people…duh.  Do it.  Like…if it brings you any grief whatsoever to see what’s going on in their life, just cut it off already).  If you can’t do this or you somehow are still able to creep on your ex through mutual acquaintances, maybe it’s time to stay off social media together.  An intense move, but it can be done, as we’ve demonstrated in one of our Challenge Accepted episodes, and as Maayan has done from time to time.


We of course are both guilty of social media stalking, but admit it seems to be more focused on ex-girlfriends or new girlfriends of significant others, rather that the significant other themselves.  This is of course driven by an unhealthy thirst for COMPARISON–is she prettier than me?  Oh god, she is. Well, maybe she’s trashy, or dumb?  Let’s dig for evidence of THAT… you know, SUPER healthy stuff like that.  Although, Maayan tells a story of finding a sense of peace and goodwill after spending time poring over the Instagram account of a certain ex-girlfriend of an ex whom she had been particularly intimidated by.  After looking at the photos, quotes, and other digital mementos this woman shared, Maayan suddenly decided she simply admired this girl too much to truly resent her–so there’s a story of redemption and positivity for you…although we fear it is probably a rare occurrence….



Lauren admits to getting voyeuristic pleasure from reading ‘dirty laundry’ posts from FB friends who like to air their drama….those folks who make dramatic statements about a break-up on line, with 56 follow-up comments from friends and enemies bickering back and forth…seriously, it’s more fun than a scripted drama sometimes.  Maayan finds it passingly entertaining but doesn’t take much interest…she’s more likely to go down an envy spiral while staring at those folks who’s lives seem to have it ALL…from the perfect trip to Paris to the luxurious home in the Hamptons.  Either way, if looking at other people’s social media stuff makes you feel noticeably superior or inferior, it’s probably time to cool it and take a break from the creeping.






Lauren is seriously struggling with finding the ‘perfect’ name for her soon-to-be-born daughter. She gets obsessive about it being not too weird, not too popular, melodious yet strong…basically she’s never going to find the perfect name.  Help her. Give her your suggestions!


Maayan is starting her own revolution over the ‘compliment’ people give about not looking your age.  Hello, can we stop with the Youth Worship already?  Let’s be happy with however old we are rather than following the same old sexist bullshit of ‘oh gaaaaahd I’m getting ollllld’.  Seriously, if we don’t stop doing it, nothing’s going to change.